Buena Vista, Colorado is situated in the scenic area between Salida, Co. and Leadville, Co.. We're surrounded by the gorgeous Sawatch Range which consists of  14,000-foot peaks, what the locals call "fourteeners", most of which dominate the landscape just west of U.S. 24.  Included in this area is the highest point in Colorado,  Mt. Elbert and the famed Collegiate Peaks( Mt. Princeton, Yale, Harvard and Columbia). 


Buena Vista (BV)  is considered by many to be the capital of whitewater rafting for the United States, with the Arkansas River adjacent to town. A new expansion to the South Main River Park  in BV makes it the longest whitewater park of its kind in the country. Good fly-fishing spots along the river are just one of the many fishing venues in the area.

The locals pronounce Buena Vista  "byoon-avista" or call it "byoonie".  Being from Texas I couldn't understand why they didn't pronounce it the Spanish way of "bwen-avista".  However, watch the history video below and you'll learn why.    Everyone refers to it as "BV", and it means "beautiful view" in Spanish.

BV's locale makes it ez for day trips to historic mining and railroading sites, excursions by four-wheeling, skiing Monarch Mountain, mountain biking , or hiking.

St. Elmo, one of Colorado's best-preserved ghost towns is only 30 minutes from town and is a beautiful drive anytime of the year.

There are numerous areas on the river or streams where you can fish, numerous bike and hiking trails  all around town.

The famed Mt. Princeton Hot Springs is a short 20 minutes drive away.  A great destination to go soak in geo-thermal soothing waters or have a blast down a fun super slide in their summer swimming pool.

We also have the smaller Cottonwood Hot Springs just outside of town as another great spot to soak in the naturally soothing geo-thermal waters.

The ski area is a scenic 45 minute drive and we love it!  The slopes will please all level of skiiers and snow boarders.  The Lodge is  full of some of the most friendly people around.  They have a great store with very cool ski clothing and some of the best food & drinks  in their restaurant.

Close to the ski area is a great group of people that head up the Monarch Dog Sleds.  Here you and your family, all ages, can take a fun dog sled ride through gorgeous trails and learn all about the dogs.

Winter provides for mild temperatures in the valley and our area down to Salida is referred to as the "banana belt" because we experience more pleasant winters and summers compared to other Colorado areas.

 BV also offers excellent cross-country skiing, ice fishing and snowshoeing  minutes away. Additionally, there are many miles of groomed snowmobile trails that can be accessed just west of town on Cottonwood Pass or up by the ski area of Monarch Mountain.







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